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Q: How many people can we bring?

A: We can carry a maximum of 12 passengers due to coast guard rules and regulations.


Q: Where do we go at sea?

A: When we leave the dock, the route is determined by the captain using wind, current, weather and the time you have chartered as factors for the safety of everyone onboard. Weather pending we will sail West out to the gulf and East to the locks for daily trips. For overnight trips we can sail as far as you would like within your allotted time.  


Q: Do we allow outside catering?

A: We do allow parties to bring their own caters but must be approved before sailing. 


Q: How long are the cruises?

A: 4 hours is a half day. 8 hours for a full Day. Hourly charges are available if you decide you would like to stay out past your allotted time.  


Q: Can I bring food or drink on the boat?

A:  Yes, your welcome to bring your own food and beverages. 


Q: When should I show up?

A: We suggest at least 10-15 minutes prior to departure. We highly recommend allowing plenty of time for your commute. 


Q: Where do we park?

A: Metered parking is available throughout the yacht basin.​


Q: Can I smoke on the boat?

A: Yes, but only on outside decks. And away from open doors. We ask to please be respectful of others and the vessel properly discard your waste.  


Q: Will I get sea sick?

A:  We travel in protected waters and very seldom will you experience any motion while underway. If you are concerned about this, please ask your physician for their suggestions on preventative medication.


Q: What if the weather is bad?

A: We sail rain or shine. If the weather is bad the captain will issue the " do not sail order " 

Q: Does the boat rock?

A: Very seldom. We stay in protected waters. We may encounter an occasional wake from a passing boat or other vessel that may create some soft rolling but nothing you would take much notice to. 


Q: Are there bathrooms on the boat?

A: Yes we have Bathrooms or "heads" on 1st 2nd decks.


Q: Does the boat make any stops.

A: No, the boat does not make any routine stops and returns to the same place we depart unless prior agreements are made.


Q: Are small children allowed?

A: Yes, additionally, we ask that children not be allowed to run on any decks or hang on or over railings. Small children should be supervised by an adult, at all times. 

Q: Do we need our own life jackets?

A: No we will provide all necessary safety equipment. Let us know prior to sail day if you have any guests under 10 years old.


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