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Private Party on a Yacht Charter

Celebrate in style, and host an occasion on board your extravagance contract yacht. In only a couple hours, the deck of a contract yacht can be changed from a clear canvas into a mixed drink relax, a club, a dance floor or even a phase for live groups. Our group can think of a scope of imaginative ideas, and designs to show you what could be accomplished. Whenever you've concurred the general thought, we'll get the furnishings, lights, DJ stall, AV framework and all the other things expected to present to you your very own cut of Ibiza.

Yacht Weddings

Superyachts are the ideal epitome of all that you could need for a wedding setting. Style, tastefulness and effortlessness with a hint of charm and lashings of sentiment. We have broad involvement with making amazing settings for weddings, all things considered. Never be mixed up into imagining that a yacht does not have the vital offices to make a sumptuous occasion. Extravagance cooking offices, bars, eating regions and cloakrooms would all be able to be introduced and combined flawlessly with the current superstructure.

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